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Multi Contact Charging Shelf

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Introducing Our Standard Charging Shelves – Your Ultimate Charging Solution for Multiple Lamps

Efficiently power up to 6 lamps at once with our Standard Charging Shelves, the perfect addition to your lighting setup. Designed to simplify the charging process, these shelves are a game-changer for maintaining a well-lit and organized hospitality venue. By investing in multiple shelves, you can even create a sleek charging tower, transforming your space into a compact and orderly charging station.

Key Features:

Charging Mat Included: Each charging shelf comes complete with the necessary cables and plugs, ensuring you have everything required for hassle-free lamp charging.

Multi-Lamp Charging: Charge up to 6 lamps simultaneously, saving you time and ensuring your lamps are always ready to shine.

Swift Charging: The average charge time for a Standard lamp is just 6 hours for a full charge, guaranteeing that your lamps are quickly replenished and ready to illuminate your space.

Compatibility: Our Standard Charging Shelf is compatible with lamps from the Aruba ranges, making it a versatile and practical choice for various lighting solutions.