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Humble Two Table Light

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What if there was a cleaner, safer, more sustainable substitute that still created that candlelit ambience? Introducing the Humble Two. A portable, dimmable downlight that uses its domed shape to direct a perfect circle of light onto your table. Fully charged this light produces up to 96 hrs of light.

Adjusting the bulbs brightness is a breeze with the simple button located at the base of the lamp or by using the remote’s dim buttons, which offers three brightness levels: candle, ambient, and work. Charge the battery wirelessly with the included USB-C cable or charge multiple units at one with our Wireless Charger 6.

All replacements parts are available to purchase.

Tech Specs

Battery capacity – 4000mAh/3.7v

Battery life – candle 95hrs, ambient 30hrs, work 17hrs

Charging wirelessly – USB-A to USB-C cable included

Charging time – cable up to 4hrs, wirelessly up to 6 hrs

Adapter not included