Welcome to Jacksons

London’s leading wholesale supplier of catering, janitorial & hygiene products to the catering industry.

Jacksons provides a large variety of quality products for a wide range of restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars.

Le Coq Porcelain

Devine, elegant and innovative tableware.

Chaotic touches of colour and vibrant hues. Phobos, a unique stoneware collection that delivers an appealing background for the most artistic of presentations.


An ideal show stopper at the bar! The vertical optic enhances this cocktail collection, giving the pieces a stunning presence.

London’s leading supplier of tableware, catering equipment & disposables to the restaurant, hotel, pub & bar industry.


The Jacksons showroom contains a comprehensive range of front of house products, ideal to visit if you are opening a new site or having a refurb.

Table Top Elegance

Explore our captivating ranges of tableware, from rustic stoneware to exquisite fine bone china. We can help you elevate your table top experience.

Catering Chemicals

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality products tailored to the demanding standards of the hospitality industry.

Sustainable Packaging

Explore our captivating ranges of sustainable food packaging items, from compostable to recyclable options, all designed with the environment in mind.


Welcome to Jacksons

Jacksons has been a family run business for over 75 years and has passed through 3 generations, developing and growing along the way. The family culture in the business has always been evident and in 2022, the Directors carried out the transfer of ownership of the company to their loyal and committed employees, leaving a positive legacy.

An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) allows the staff of Jacksons to benefit from the long-term success of the business, delivered by their hard work and commitment.

Jacksons endeavours to provide the best quality products at affordable prices, for more information please contact sales@jacksonscg.co.uk