Company means “Jacksons Clear Glass Ltd” a company incorporated in England and Wales (registered no. 393759), and whose registered office is at Catering House, Cox Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 1SG. ‘Goods’ means items we agree to supply to you our customers. ‘Quotation’ means our quotation for the supply of Goods provided to you under the terms of these conditions. ‘Price’ means the price for the Goods excluding costs of delivery, packing, insurance & VAT (unless otherwise stated). “Special Items/Non –Stocked lines (Manual)” means goods ordered tailored to customer’s specific request or
goods not normally stocked by the company. The Customer means the “buyer”. These terms of business constitute the entire contact between the company and the customer. No party has relied on any representation or promise except as expressly set out in this contract. The Terms of Business herein will not affect the Customers Statutory Rights. No alterations of these terms of business are valid unless confirmed in writing and signed on behalf of the Company or by a Manager of the Company. Any Terms and Conditions supplied, or referred to by the Customer shall have no effect on this contract.

1. Quotations are valid for (14) days unless otherwise stated in the quotation. Prices of goods quoted are those current at the time and the Company reserves the right to increase the price should additional information come to light or found to be necessary due to material change of goods or if the price to the Company increases in the
period between preparing and completing the work. Installation costs provided on quote is an estimate based on inspection. Costs may vary at the time of fitting.

2. The Price excludes VAT (unless otherwise stated). VAT will be charged at the rate applying at the time of delivery. Any samples provided by the Company will be chargeable at current prices unless agreed in writing prior to despatch. The company reserves the right to increase prices time to time due to (increase material, labour or transport costs or fluctuations in exchange rates or otherwise) without the prior written agreement. Our VAT Number: 792428403

3. An order or instruction which has been accepted by the company may be cancelled by the customer only with the agreement of the Company. The customer will pay the Company for all cost, charges or expenses incurred by the company up until to and as a result of the cancellation. A cancellation can only be accepted by the Company when all sums due have been paid.

4. Trading terms of each customer is stated on their invoice. Company’s normal trading terms for Customers with established credit account will be 30 days plus end of month. Customer may be required to pay by cash/credit card/chaps/bacs prior to delivery unless you have an established credit account with sufficient credit available, or if you have an approved credit account and the agreed limit is exceeded. If goods are part delivered the Company may invoice each part delivery thereof has been made and payment will be due as stated on the terms of the invoice. All goods remain the property of Jacksons Clear Glass Limited until paid for in full. We reserve the right to charge 2% per month and costs on any amount outside our trading terms.

5. The Customer shall not be entitled to resell or reproduce any goods information or trade secrets shall consist of, but not necessarily be limited to: technical, commercial, financial, operational, marketing or promotional information. Proprietary data shall consist of, but not necessarily be limited to: customer lists, pricing data, sources of supply, financial, production or marketing data or merchandising systems and plans. The Customer shall indemnify the Company against any
costs, claim, loss expense and damage arising due to infringement of the above or trademarks, copyrights, design right or other intellectual property right.

6. All delivery times quoted are estimates only. Unless otherwise requested, stocked items will be delivered and all back-ordered items will be delivered as available. Unless specifically quoted delivery charges may apply and added to the invoice. All goods remain the property of Jacksons Clear Glass Limited until paid for in full. The
Company will endeavour to supply goods by the date requested but cannot accept responsibility for any delay resulting from any causes beyond the Company’s control (including the non-delivery or late availability of goods). Any liabilities for additional costs or inconveniences resulting from such delays are not the responsibility
of the company.

7. All authorised returns will be issued with customer returns note. Returns will not be accepted without an authorised customer returns note raised by the Company. All authorised returns will only be accepted for credit in accordance with the original order and returned in the original packing. Special Items or Non-stock items (manual
lines) may carry an uplift charge should you wish to return item(s), if not required. The uplift charge varies but is normally 25% of the price of the goods plus applicable transport costs for the goods to be returned to the manufacturer shall be paid by the Customer.

8. The Company warrants all goods supplied are in accordance with the statutory rights at the time of supply. Company give no other warranty (and exclude any warranty, term or condition that would otherwise be implied) as to the quality of the Goods or their fitness for any purpose to the fullest extent permitted by law. Any claims for damaged, missing or defective item(s) must be reported within 24 hours of receipt or no further claim can be made. The Company will either replace or repair or refund the full purchase price of the goods of any valid claims. Thereafter, the Company shall have no further liability to the Customer. Where goods are part delivered any defect in part delivery shall not constitute for cancellation of the remainder of the part delivery and customer is bound to accept delivery thereof.

9. The Company shall not any circumstances be liable for any damages, compensation, costs, expenses, losses or other liabilities whether direct or consequential, and any other remedy arising out of any statutory duty calculated reference to profits or tortious act or omissions or any breach of contract or claims or damages.

10. Company may cancel or suspend order to the Customer by notice in writing due to distress or fail to pay us any money when due or breach of any of its obligations under the Contract or becoming subject to an administrative order or a Statutory Demand or in the case of an individual, partnership or firm becoming bankrupt or in the
case of a company going into administration or liquidation you are likely to cease trading we reasonably believe that any of the above is about to happen and notify you accordingly suffer any similar or analogous action as above in consequence of debt.

11. The aggregate liability of the company, including breach of contract not referred to elsewhere in these terms our liability is limited in damages to the Price of the Goods.

12. Force majeure – If Company is unable to perform its obligations to Customer (or able to perform them only at unreasonable cost) because of circumstances beyond its control, Company may cancel or suspend any of its obligations to customer, without liability. Examples of those circumstances include act of God, accident, explosion, war, terrorism, fire, flood, transport delays, strikes and other industrial disputes and difficulty in obtaining supplies.