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Kraft Salad BioBowl

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Introducing Paper BioBowls, the eco-friendly answer to your dining and serving needs. Crafted from premium paper and fortified with Ingeo™ bioplastic derived from plants, not oil, these bowls are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic options.

What sets our BioBowls apart is their environmental impact. By utilizing bioplastic linings, we’ve reduced greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 75% compared to conventional plastics. The heavy-duty, top-tier board ensures these bowls boast superior stability, a snug lid fit, and excellent insulation, making them perfect for both hot and cold foods. They’re even soup-safe, making them a planet-friendly substitute for standard soup or ice cream bowls.

Furthermore, the printing process is as sustainable as the materials themselves. We use eco-friendly soy-based or water-based inks, minimizing the environmental footprint while maintaining vibrant, high-quality designs.

Not only are these bowls environmentally responsible, but they also offer practicality with a 12-month shelf life for both the bowls and the bioplastic lids. Say goodbye to single-use plastic with Paper BioBowls, the sustainable choice for your food service needs.