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Roller Grill Single Round Waffle Iron 1.6kw

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Case of 1

Roller Grill

Size 450x480x240mm


The Roller Grill GES75 Waffle Iron produces circular waffles as an attractive alternative to the traditional rectangle. The plates feature 4 grids, each a quarter of a circle, allowing the unit to produce up to 4 great tasting waffles in just a couple of minutes. The elements that are seated beneath the cast iron plates, giving rapid and even heat distribution across the whole cooking area giving the waffles a golden, crispy finish. The unit has a 4-side drip tray making it suitable to use with fresh or frozen waffle dough and fresh batter mix. Features include power on neon, surround drip tray, cast iron cooking plates and 300 °C thermostat.