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Roller Grill Double Leige Waffle Iron 1.6kw

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Case of 1

Roller Grill

Size 305x440x230mm


Ideal for the production of authentic Liege or Brussels style waffles, the Roller Grill GED20 Waffle Maker is ideal for commercial use in mobile catering, restaurants, cafes or takeaways. With a fast 10 minute heat up, the waffle machine is ready to use quickly, whilst the dual cast iron cooking plates allow up to four waffles to be cooked at a time. As the unit has independent temperature controls, you can scale up production when demand is high, whilst only operating one waffle iron during quieter hours – saving energy and reducing running costs. Whether you’re offering Belgian waffles as a delicious high-margin snack or as tasty alternative dessert option on your menu, the Roller Grill waffle maker is an essential addition to your kitchen.