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Rational iCombi Pro 20-1/1 Combi Oven Electric

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Introducing the Rational iCombi Pro ICP 20-1/1/E Electric Combi Oven – an unparalleled culinary marvel that sets the gold standard for intelligent and dynamic cooking in the professional kitchen. With cutting-edge technology and a host of cooking options, this electric combination oven is designed to save time, energy, and space, enabling you to maximize productivity and efficiency in your kitchen.

Unrivaled Capacity and Efficiency:
Featuring an impressive capacity to accommodate up to 20 full-size (1/1GN) gastronorm trays, the iCombi Pro ICP 20-1/1/E is a culinary powerhouse, allowing you to cook larger quantities at once. Perfect for high-demand kitchens producing between 150 to 300 meals per day, this oven seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Intelligent Assistants for Precision:
Built-in intelligent assistants, including the iProductionManager system, ensure optimal results for every service. This system automatically monitors each rack, providing consistent and easily repeatable cooking results. Let the Rational do the calculations, ensuring perfection with every dish.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:
Prioritize efficiency, and the iCombi Pro responds intelligently by adjusting settings to perfection, minimizing running costs without compromising culinary excellence. This electric combi oven is not only a cooking powerhouse but also an eco-friendly solution for the modern kitchen.

Smart Cleaning and Maintenance:
The iCareSystem simplifies cleaning and maintenance by monitoring dirt build-up and proposing the ideal cleaning setup and required chemicals at the right time. Keep your iCombi Pro in pristine condition effortlessly, ensuring it remains ready for the next culinary masterpiece.

Key Features at a Glance:

Spacious 20 x 1/1 GN capacity for high-volume cooking.
Quick clean, care control, and eco mode for phosphate and phosphorous-free operation.
6-point core temperature probe for accurate temperature monitoring.
Retractable hand shower for quick and convenient manual cleaning.
Wi-Fi enabled for seamless connectivity and control.
Suitable for 150-300 meals per day.
4 intelligent assistants: iDensityControl, iCookingSuite, iProductionManager, and iCareSystem.
6 Intelligent operating modes, 5 intelligent cooking methods, and 3 manual operating modes for unparalleled versatility.
Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 20 x 1/1GN
Dimensions: 1807(H) x 877(W) x 913(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Output: 150-300 meals per day
Power Type: Electric
Supplier Model Number: CF1ERRA.0000034
Temperature Range: 30°C to 300°C
Voltage: 400V
Warranty: 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour
Weight: 263kg
Colour: Stainless Steel
Experience the future of professional cooking with the Rational iCombi Pro ICP 20-1/1/E – where innovation meets capacity and culinary excellence reaches new heights.