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Persil Original Non-Bio Washing Powder

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Size 8.4kg


Introducing Persil Non Bio Professional, the ultimate solution for achieving impeccable cleanliness and gentle care for sensitive skin in every laundry load. This substantial 8.4kg container offers an impressive capacity of 140 washes, ensuring long-lasting cleaning power for your laundry needs.

Crafted by Persil, a trusted leader in laundry care, this professional-grade detergent is specially formulated with a non-biological formula. It is free from enzymes and other harsh chemicals, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Whether you’re washing baby clothes, delicate fabrics, or everyday garments, Persil Non Bio Professional delivers exceptional results. Its gentle yet effective formula provides thorough and efficient cleaning without compromising on fabric softness.

Ideal for professional laundry services, hotels, and commercial establishments, Persil Non Bio Professional is designed to meet the high standards of professional cleaning while catering to the needs of individuals with sensitive skin. Elevate your laundry experience with Persil, the brand trusted by professionals and loved by families worldwide, and enjoy impeccably clean and gentle laundry every time.