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Orion Butter Pad

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Case of 12


Colour White
Size 7.5cm


Orion is our best selling crockery range; stylish, robust & great value for money! Fully vitrified porcelain.

The use of non-abrasive materials such as rubber or plastic utensils is recommended when removing excess food as metal utensils may cause lasting damage to glazed surfaces. Furthermore, it is not advised that you wash porcelain items with metal items (such as cutlery) in the dishwasher. Our porcelain items are Dishwasher, Freezer, Microwave and Oven safe with a high resistance to chipping. What’s more, although our Orion products are designed to withstand many pressures, please avoid where possible, sudden temperature changes (e.g. oven to freezer) as thermal shock may occur.