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Matlock Tall Riser

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Introducing our Matlock GN1/1 gastronorm riser.

This riser allows you to turn your gastronorm trays and boards into a truly interchangeable and versatile countertop display solution.

The sleek thin lines created by the powder coated metal frame are non intrusive, enabling you to raise up your display in style.

We’ve given you two contrasting materials to mix and match with this gastro riser; natural handmade mango wood and practical, slate look melamine.

Designed to fit boards or trays measuring 530 x 325mm, which is the universal gastronorm size, GN1/1, this riser will fit nicely into place in your catering or buffet display.

To prevent the boards, along with your stock, from sliding off of the riser, we have included 4 rubber grips that attach to the top of the frame and keep your display where it should be.

The grey metal frame is sturdy and strong, being able to hold up to 12kg. Meaning it can hold wine or event props as well as those tasty treats.

The riser frame comes with anti-slip rubber feet to cushion the stand, prevent scratching your counter top and hold steady during those busy lunch rushes.

For those who are using these risers for an outdoor setting, or in a pop up environment, we have included an adjustable leg which helps stabilise the riser when placed on semi uneven surfaces.

It’s available in 2 bestselling heights, 100mm and 200mm to help you merchandise truly beautiful displays that build upwards and make the most of all your space.

Care Instructions:
Wipe Clean Only