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Marble Serving Board

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Produced from premium marble, this light grey marble gastronorm 1/2 board enhances any display, buffet or food platter.

Each board is handmade, naturally non-porous and complete with all the natural markings of marble.

Protect your surfaces from hot serveware or, add an air of sophistication to the likes of sandwiches, cheese, charcuterie, canapés. This weighty board, will allow you to display your products with pride.

However you choose to use yours, the light grey serving board will give your tabletops a polished, professional finish.

We have made your lives easy, offering these stunning boards in standardised GN1/2 & GN1/3 sizes meaning, they are also compatible with GN lids and covers.

The edges are bevelled on four sides making it easy to pick up and when tiled alongside one another, the serving boards can be used to create larger boards, making it a very versatile piece.

Available in both light and dark grey marble.

Please note, each piece will vary in texture, pattern, colour and veining. Small visual cracks may be present but these are natural and not faults in the marble slab.