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Mango Wood/Marble Rectangular Board

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Colour White
Size 16.5x33.5x1.5cm


With its sophisticated blend of stylish white marble and beautiful mango wood, this MasterClass marble cheese board is perfect for serving delicious foods in style. It’s particularly suitable for cutting and serving cheeses, as well as cold meats and antipasti. The serving board measures 16.5 x 33.5 x 1.5 cm (6½” x 13″ x ½”) – big enough to serve dinner party-sized portions of cheese or canapés, and a handy size for cutting and prepping too. Perfect for Cheese and Pastry With its naturally cool surface, this board is especially good for serving cheeses, as well as other foods that need to be kept at a constant temperature. It’s also great for preparing pastry, which needs to be kept cool to ensure a crisp, flaky finish. Thanks to marble’s naturally tough, non-brittle properties, it also works as a particularly hygienic chopping board.