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Luca Gourmet Flat Plate

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Bonna, a distinguished Turkish manufacturer, specializes in crafting top-tier porcelain tableware tailored specifically for the demanding needs of the catering and hotel sectors. Committed to upholding the most stringent standards of the hospitality industry, Bonna offers an array of opulent and chic designs, each distinguished by its own unique palette of colours.

A hallmark of Bonna’s commitment to quality is its comprehensive lifetime edge chip warranty, which covers the majority of its product lines. These ranges are meticulously designed with durability at the forefront. Notable features include exceptional scratch resistance, the ability to withstand thermal shocks, and convenient stackability. Moreover, they are designed to be versatile, compatible with microwave and oven use, and can be effortlessly cleaned in a dishwasher.
Bonna’s latest product lines are certain to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any establishment’s interior design, making them a superb choice for businesses seeking both style and substance.

The Luca Ocean range is a captivating collection that takes its inspiration from the endless allure of the ocean. Each piece in this exquisite crockery line is designed to encapsulate the beauty and tranquillity of coastal landscapes, bringing a touch of the sea’s majesty to your dining experience.

The colour palette is a harmonious blend of serene blues mirroring the vastness of the ocean’s depths and the calming hues of coastal horizons. This collection captures the ever-changing play of light and shadow on water, infusing your dining table with a sense of natural wonder and serenity.

Inspired by the ocean’s waves and the intricate patterns formed by its currents, Luca Ocean features graceful textures and designs that evoke the fluidity of water. Each piece is a work of art, combining aesthetics with practicality to create a dining experience that is both visually stunning and highly functional.