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Filterflow Wall Mounted Water Boiler

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Say goodbye to the inconvenience of waiting for the kettle to boil with the FilterFlow Automatic Wall Mounted Water Boiler. This compact and wall-mounted solution ensures hot water is on tap 24/7, eliminating tea round lethargy and making it a perfect fit for locations with limited space.

Key Features:

Compact Wall-Mounted Design: Exceptionally compact, ideal for spaces with limited room, making it a practical solution for various settings.

Continuous Hot Water: Provides high-quality boiling water round the clock, ensuring a constant and efficient supply for all your hot beverage needs.

Built-in Water Filtration System: Improves water quality and reduces scale build-up, enhancing the taste of your beverages. Changing the high-volume cartridges is a simple and quick process.

Dispense Temperature Control: Customize the dispense temperature to 70°C, perfect for delicate specialty teas and ensuring the right temperature for different preferences.

Extra Room for Larger Containers: The design allows for extra room underneath the tap, accommodating larger cups, teapots, jugs, and airpots with ease.

Advanced Diagnostics with LCD Panel: Stay informed about the boiler status with the advanced diagnostics feature and LCD panel, providing clear and accessible information.

Cool-to-Touch Toughened Glass Fascia: The 6mm thick toughened glass fascia is cool to touch, ensuring safety and durability against hard knocks.


Energy Type: Cord and Plug for easy electrical connection.

Kilowatts: 3 kW for efficient water heating.

Temperature Range: Adjustable from 11°C to 98°C, catering to various beverage requirements.

Control Type: Electronic control for precision and ease of use.

Dimensions: Compact design with a height of 595mm, width of 250mm, and depth of 570mm.

Product Weight: 24.80 kilograms, ensuring stability and durability.

Electrical Connection Type: Cord and Plug for convenient installation.

Electrical Watts: 3000W for powerful heating capabilities.

Electrical Phase: Single phase for simplicity.

Electrical Amps: 13A for efficient power consumption.

Electrical Voltage: 230 volts for reliable performance.

Ship Weight: 27.28 kilograms, ensuring safe transportation.

Ship Dimensions: 88cm (height) x 65cm (width) x 38cm (depth).

Water Connection: Requires a water main connection with a 0.75-inch inlet size.

Drain Line: Not required, ensuring hassle-free installation.

Self-Cleaning Capability: False.

Airbreak: False.

Upgrade your hot water solution with the FilterFlow Automatic Wall Mounted Water Boiler — where convenience, efficiency, and compact design come together for a superior hot beverage experience.