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Lincat Electric C/T Single Zone Induction Hob 2.4kw

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Size 400mm


Embrace the power and energy saving capabilities of the 2.4kW Lincat Single Zone Induction Hob. The energy efficient induction process delivers 90% efficiency compared to a typical gas hob at 50%, while ventilation and air conditioning costs can also be reduced as the heat is generated in the pan rather than the hob surface, so energy is focused where it’s needed and the cooking environment is cooler and more comfortable. Lightweight and portable, the hob is versatile and can be equally beneficial for both kitchen and event catering. The hob’s single zone provides twice the power of a gas hob and also comes with a boost function when even more power is required. Built for safety, the hob also comes with a pan detection function which cuts power when no pan is present, cutting running costs and creating a safer, more comfortable working environment.