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Denby Halo Oval Platter

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Case of 1


Colour Halo
Size 40x25cm


Crafted in their Derbyshire factory by a team of skilled workers, Halo is both beautiful and durable. By using Derbyshire clay fired at 1200 degrees, this is a range that has been designed to last. The beautiful glaze isn’t just there to look attractive, it actually also strengthens the crockery and protects against chips. With the ability to be used in the oven, microwave and freezer, this collection makes a practical and reliable addition to the home or for any commercial environment. It’s is also safe to use in the dishwasher! The stunning multi-tonal glaze effect, combined with a modern shaping of Halo showcase the handmade artisan values of Denby beautifully and the various sizes of plates, bowls and mugs ensure it is as great for classy occasions as it is for comfortable ones. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the glaze firing process, the decoration may vary from piece to piece.