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Chasseur Rectangular Roasting Dish

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Chasseur, Chassuer



Chasseur Cookware – since its introduction to the UK in 1994, Chasseur has established itself as a serious player in the cast iron cookware market. Chasseur’s focus is to supply top quality enamelled cast iron cookware at the best possible price.
Chasseur cast iron cookware is manufactured in the Ardennes region of France from top quality materials by skilled craftsmen using time honoured techniques that have been honed to perfection over the last 70 years. Every stage of manufacture is checked by hand, polished, enamelled and finished by hand to ensure that every piece meets the highest quality standard.
Chasseur cookware is environmentally friendly as each product is made from over 40% recycled material. Moulds are broken down to be re-used and the state of the art foundry has impeccable filtration systems to reduce any potential pollution to the local environment. The solid cast iron body has excellent heat retentions and distribution so energy costs can also be saved as a lower heat for cooking can be used and food will stay warmer for longer when removed from the oven or hob.
Chasseur Cast Iron Casseroles, Saucepans and serving casseroles feature Chasseur’s Self Basting Lid – the self basting lid has concentric rings on the inside which are designed to turn the steam that your food produces into drips to baste your food helping to keep the surface of your food moist.
All Chasseur products are covered in an extremely smooth enamel. This feature is designed to make them suitable for use on all types of hobs including smooth surfaced ceramic and induction hobs.