Introducing Blends 






The Blends collection has been designed by Surrey Ceramics for Jacksons. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with skill, passion & attention to detail. Due to the nature of the reactive glaze no two pieces are identical simply adding a rustic charm.

Mix and match for a unique table presentation. Perfect for dips, nuts, nibbles and side dishes.

We add to the existing Soho and Moor finishes, Frost, Halo, Nirvana & Willow.

 Add colour and texture to your table without having to replace all of your existing china.

The colours have been carefully selected so each complement one another whichever combination you choose.

The possibilities are endless.

 7cm Dip Dishes

06.104.0200 Frost

06.104.0201 Halo

06.104.0202 Moor

06.104.0203 Nirvana

06.104.0204 Soho

06.104.0205 Willow

All colours £4.00

9.5cm Small Bowls

06.104.0205 Frost

06.104.0207 Halo

06.104.0208 Moor

06.104.0209 Nirvana

06.104.0210 Soho

06.104.0211 Willow

All colours £6.00

11.5cm Rice Bowls



 06.104.0213 Frost

06.104.0214 Halo

06.104.0215 Moor

06.104.0216 Nirvana

06.104.0217 Soho

06.104.0218 Willow

All colours £6.25

15x4cm Shallow Dishes




06.104.0219 Frost

06.104.0220 Halo

06.104.0221 Moor

06.104.0222 Nirvana

06.104.0223 Soho

06.104.0224 Willow

All colours £7.70 

19x11cm Oval Dishes

06.104.0225 Frost

06.104.0226 Halo

06.104.0227 Morr

06.104.0228 Nirvana

06.104.0229 Soho

06.104.0230 Willow

All colours £8.25 

Available now from stock. Please speak to one of the sales team for more information.