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Slim Jim 4 Stream Recycling Station

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Colour Grey
Size 1022 x 1219 x 546mm


Segregating and recycling your waste has never been easier, thanks to this 87Ltr Rubbermaid Slim Jim four stream recycling station. With containers for general waste, compost, mixed recycling and paper, this four stream station will help you divert refuse away from landfill and send more materials for recycling. Therefore, this recycling station works to improve your business’s sustainability, lessen your impact on the environment and save you money on landfill costs. Labelled and colour-coded lid inserts, billboards and stickers also make each waste stream instantly identifiable. This will help your customers and staff to correctly dispose of their waste, preventing the contamination of waste streams.

Made with vented channels, the containers in this recycling station make removing bin bags an effortless task, saving you valuable time during cleaning operations. The innovative Slim Jim design also gives this waste station a small footprint, allowing it to fit into the tightest of spaces in your front and back of house. Snap-in connectors also mean extra containers can be easily attached, allowing you to build a recycling station that best suits your needs.