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Lavette Absorbent Hd Surface Wipe

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he highly durable Chicopee® Lavette Super is perfect for picking up food, dirt and bacteria with speed and efficiency

The Chicopee® Lavette Super is a reliable wiping solution for a variety of sectors, featuring a unique open structure to effectively collect dirt and debris. Its high absorption rate means it is also ideal for cleaning up spillages from surfaces and provides maximum performance with every wipe.

Due to its fibre and binder composition, the Chicopee® Lavette Super offers advanced strength and durability to help you tackle the toughest of cleaning requirements, ensuring the highest hygiene standards for your business. The wipe also inhibits bacterial growth, helping to protect your staff and customers from the spread of contagions. And reduce the risk of transfer from surface to surface.

Available in 5 colour options, the Chicopee® Lavette Super is an excellent option for maintaining a comprehensive colour-coding system and assisting with the prevention of cross-contamination. So you can be sure your business meets the required hygiene standards.