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Aluminium Deep Stockpot With Lid

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Case of 1


Colour Aluminium
Size 17l


GenWare Medium Duty Aluminium Cookware includes a superb range of high quality satin washed finish pots and pans. It features sturdy riveted stay cool handles guaranteeing safe transportation, and is manufactured from 99.5% Pure Aluminium for immense durability making it ideal for any commercial kitchen.

Manufactured from 99.5% pure aluminium to both EN601 and EN602 standards
Satin wash finish inside and out
6-8mm rim and base thickness for excellent performance and durability
Superb emery brushed finish on a super flat base
Vacuum formed polished stainless steel handles remains cooler for safe handling
Large aluminium riveted handles for ultimate security
Supplied with a lid
Available in additional sizes