A new capsule collection that adds a touch of vintage glamour. Balmoral showcases hand -cut cased glass in four stunning colourways. Ideal when used together or as individual statement pieces.

We think they will also make fabulous t light holders.

13.5oz Ruby 01.304.0012 £61.56 (6)

13.5oz Opal 01.304.0013 £61.56 (6)

13.5oz Sapphire 01.304.0014 £61.56 (6)

13.5oz Jet 01.304.0015 £61.56 (6)

Vintage Birdcages

Completely unique and creative serveware options. Finished in aged copper or black to bring a touch of timeless elegance and rustic feel. Perfect for afternoon tea serve or a simple sharing platter.

44cm Copper 09.304.0030 £30.00 each

43cm Black 09.304.0030 £35.00 each


Unique porcelain pieces, a great way to add depth and texture to your presentation. The ceramic plates create height for a truly individual serve.

25x15cm 06.304.3002 £21.00 (6)

23x18cm 06.304.3003 £21.00 (6)


We love this range! Infused with the true spirit of the east, sourced from an abundance of Japanese pottery producers, Utopia have brought together a collection rich in heritage and authenticity. The ranges sourced are individually crafted to produce items that can be used for traditional oriental serves or to add depth and texture to more contemporary dishes.

Other pieces and patterns available please speak to one of the sales team for all options.

Pebble Platters

Pebble melamine platters combine the appearance of real stone effects with the durability of melamine, being practical, long lasting and resistant.

41x30cm White 23.304.0001 £135.00 (6)

41x30cm Grey 23.304.0002 £135.00 (6)

Eternum Rubis Steak Knives

Ultimate exclusive designer piece. With a patented steel blade made from high grade chromium, carbon and nitrogen, these knives offer the best resistance to corrosion, an exceptional cutting edge and durability. The handle is made of a composite material giving a gentle and warm feel in the hand, welded to the blade by a high frequency process for a perfectly waterproof fit without any rivet.

Dark handle 07.304.8201 £50.00 (doz)

Light handle 07.304.8202 £50.00 (doz)


Deco’s deep facets and heavy weight create the look and feel of traditional cut crystal without the prohibitive investment. A stunning addition to your drinks serve and perfectly on trend.

13.75oz Deco highball 01.304.0008 £22.68 (6)

11oz Deco double old fashioned 01.304.0009 £16.68 (6)


Our gold themed glassware is the next big thing in the cocktail scene….. bring decadence and lustre to the bar with our statement pieces guaranteed to shine bright and stand out.

11.5oz 01.304.0010 £74.40 (mixed box of 12)


This fabulous coupe makes a glamourous entrance into our Hayworth collection, all elegance and grace. The perfect addition to this on trend optic suite.

10.25oz 01.304.8052 £54.24 (doz)


As the Gin market continues to grow, our glassware offering expands too. Introducing the new Botanist Gin Goblet with an effervescent feature built into the glass wall to add that extra sparkle.

19.75oz 01.304.0011 £31.32 (6)

Rita & Deco

Create a stylised glow with our new Deco and Rita night light holders. Add a touch of radiance to the evening serve.

5.5cm Deco 02.304.0003 £29.04 (12)

7.4cm Rita 02.304.0009 £29.04 (12)

For more information on any of the featured products please speak to a member of the sales team 020 8391 5555