Introducing from Vileda the Ultraspin - Revolutionising compact bucket and press mopping.

A compact bucket and press system that combines a revolutionary spinning process with 100% microfibre delta mop to give improved cleaning performance in less time and at a lower cost.







Easy implementation in new sites

No staff training required

Bucket and spin press in one unit

Mop sits inside press funnel with no guiding

Place mop in water, insert wringer, press foot pedal, remove, start cleaning.


Reduces strain on users back and wrists

No bending

No strain from pressing mop downwards

No gripping and pushing of mop press

Wring and continue cleaning in a couple of spins

Improved cleaning and performance

Microfibre mop head with 30cm floor coverage

Three spins as effective a ten presses on conventional presses

Splash guard ensures no water spills from press during wringing

Triangular mop frame, easy corner cleaning


Unrivalled spill pick up

Outperforms all comparable mops in relation to absorbancy

735ml from dry and 515ml in use after wringing

Fast pick up of spills

Full control over dampness of mop

Allows use from very dry for cleaning on delicate flooring to wet for disinfection

Benefits of microfibre

• Capillary Action: “suck” liquid and soil into the fibre

• Remove different dirt types in one wipe: remove water and grease

• Larger surface area: more contact with the surface & greater soil capacity

• One wipe cleaning: small pores release small water droplets for streak free cleaning.

• Reduction in chemical usage

• Faster drying than fibre such as cotton
Whats included
Each starter kit contains 1 x bucket & spin wringer  1 x mop frame 1 x microfibrehead
Promotion - order now and recieve 1 x free handle & 1 x free replacement mop head
Available in blue or red
To view the Ultraspin kit red click
To view the Ultraspin kit blue click
Mop heads - 100% microfibre machine washable up to 10 times.
All for just £25.19* 
* Whilst promotion lasts