New for Spring 2017

Churchill's Stonecast Patina 

Stonecast Patina is inspired by tones and surface texture created naturally over time, shaped on materials such as metal, stone, leather and wood. Patina is a modern interpretation of the antique sheen effect created by aging. The new is revealed through the old.

The nature of the manufacturing process means that each piece will be slightly different, adding to the overall charm of the product. With a range of technical attributes, Stonecast Patina is designed to withstand the rigours of a back of house hospitality environment.

 In a range of twenty stunning shapes, Stonecast Patina allows you to be individual. Sophisticated Burnished Green provides the perfect neutral base for a wide range of fresh and creative food presentation. Each piece is unique as the reactive colour is applied by hand, acquiring its rich sheen with random, spontaneous results.

To view the Stonecast Burnished Green collection click here.

Additionally, Antique Taupe has been launched in a complete range of twenty stylish and versatile items. Unique and individual, the beautiful neutral colour is applied to each piece by hand and the rich sheen showcases a wide range of cuisines to stunning effect.

To view the Stonecast Patina Antique Taupe collection click here.