Stem Zero Ion

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Following last year’s launch of Stem Zero, global design brand and SWA sponsor, Nude, has added Ion Shielding Technology to its innovative range.


Some look tough but are so fragile.

Some look fragile but tougher than any other..

The mechanical properties of glass, that is to say, the characteristics that determine its behavior under stress, are strictly related to the amount, depth, and the distribution of any surface flaws that may exist. They are the most important features of glass and can determine its overall use. Any micro-crack causes the glass to present what we call 'poor mechanical behavior’. That's to say they cause the glass to crack.

Studies on the mechanical strengthening of glass show that suppressing such microcracks can be achieved by introducing compressive stress on the glass surface. This limits the generation and propagation of cracks. Using this knowledge, the handmade STEM ZERO collection is strengthened by employing a special 'surface modification technology’, based on an ion-exchange process. Larger ions are incorporated into the glass surface structure, replacing the smaller ions which cause strains, thus increasing the strength of the glass by forming 'a compressive stress'.

Introducing Stem Zero made with our 'Ion Shielding Technology’. Making it the world's toughest, yet finest lead-free crystal glass. You could say it is beautifully strong. 



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