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A unique tableware collection that offers a multi material approach for dining. With the ability to transition through dining styles from laid back casual to fine formal and through into breakfast buffets and outdoor dining, Scape allows operators to deliver a truly innovative dining experience. With subtle textures and a natural colour palette, Scape works well in any dining environment.

S - Select your material

C - Create your plate setting

A - Admire your style

P - Plate your food

E -  Enjoy the experience

Now also available to complete the collection, 2 sizes of couple plates: 20.25cm & 28.5cm and a 25cm coupe bowl – great additions!

For details of the full Scape range please ask a member of the sales team.


With a rustic, hand-crafted look and feel, the Craft range is a unique and individual collection that looks at home in all dining environments. With two striking new colour ways – Liquorice and Porcini, Craft creates a table top that diners will not forget. The new Liquorice colour way adds drama and sophistication to the entire range and is in sync with the current trend for black tableware. Visually arresting, Liquorice contrasts and co-ordinates with the existing Craft colour ways, amplifying the rustic effect and re-invigorating an already iconic and market-trusted range. The range embodies the beauty of rich, lustrous glazes applied by hand, and celebrates chance effects and reactions which occur in the kiln. Craft the original and arguably the best.

For details of the full Craft range please ask a member of the sales team.

Royal Crown Derby Art Glaze

The Art Glaze range from Royal Crown Derby constitutes an upmarket artisan aesthetic allied to the purity and whiteness of fine bone china. Each piece is unique as reactive glazes obtain their beauty through random and chance effects due to kiln firing, glaze chemistry and their being a applied by hand. The four coloured glazes have been developed to be beautiful individually, or in contrast with each other. Special attention has been given to deliver a refreshing, high-end presentation platform to best showcase chef-driven menus. 

For details of the full Art Glaze range please ask a member of the sales team.

Royal Crown Derby Studio Glaze

The Studio Glaze range from Royal Crown Derby exhibits the very best of casual ware, each piece being subtly different and unique due to its hand-applied decoration. Reactive pigments in combination with coloured glazes create a textured interplay of materials to deliver a silky sheen on the sur face of each piece. The effect is tactile and sensuous, showcasing food in a contemporary and unique way. Artisan inspired and relaxed in nature, the Studio Glaze range allows Chefs the perfect canvas for creative food presentation.

For details of the full Studio Glaze range please ask a member of the sales team.

Ceres NEW

Ceres is an assortment of unique and artistic glass bowls by designer Catherine Hurand. Perfect for sharing, serving, accents or centrepieces, Ceres is available in bold colours including Azure Blue and Indigo Blue, and subtle hues like Powder White and Smoked Grey. Ceres is high quality glass that can be utilized in many dining occasions.

Available in 3 sizes 17.14,21.91,26.03cm  Please ask a member of the sales team for more details.

Concrete NEW

Taking design inspiration from the beautiful markings within marble and concrete materials, we’ve created two new patterns on our gastronorm melamine trays. These classy looking trays are perfect f or any buffet display, chilled display cabinets, or as stylish sharing platters.

Available in 1/1 1/2 1/3 2/4 gastronorm sizes.

Please ask a member of the sales team for more details.