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With its many years of tradition, its innovative technology, and global trade relations, Schott Zwiesel is one of the market leaders among experienced manufacturers of crystal glasses.

The design concept is based on characteristics like brilliance, robustness and persistence. Never losing sight of a timely design, the product ranges emphasise the quality rating of the raw material glass and its gracefulness in design and colour. That is how Schott Zwiesel develop orchestrations that elate guests and hosts in equal measure, in the world of gastronomy and the hotel sector.

Sommeliers, winemakers, internationally renowned chefs and top-of-the-class hotels, as well as end consumers in more than 120 countries value the holistic service-based product portfolio.

Basic Bar Selection

Basic Bar Selection in three beautiful finishes.

Basic Bar Classic with a traditional diamond cut.

Surfing, a wave like tapered cut designed to create a sense of the ocean, the beach, surfing and sailing.

Basic Bar Motion a modern tapered cut – reminiscent of moving blades of grass.

Each finish is created using a cut technique rather than pressed, increasing the quality and the brilliance of each piece.

Available in the range: 9.3oz & 12.5oz tumblers, 10.5oz long drink, 6.8oz cocktail glass and 16.8oz whisky carafe.


By Charles Shumann

Legendary bar keeper and author Charles Shumann, Schumann’s Bar Munich has collaborated with Schott Zwiesel to develop this stunning collection of glasses – Hommage. Combining classical shapes, contemporary dimensions and superlative functionality this exclusive crystal glass collection is homage to the classic bar culture.

The three distinctive cutting styles create a unique play of light and colour.

Most popular in these ranges:  9.6oz & 13.4oz tumblers, 11.8oz & 16.4oz long drink, 7.6oz & 12.2oz cocktail glasses, 10oz martini and 16.8oz whisky carafe.

Also available in the ranges: 12oz & 16oz wine glass, 9.1oz flute and 25.3oz water carafe.

Hommage Gold Classic

By Charles Shumann

Pure luxury, this range is designed to make a statement. An elegant 19 carat genuine gold décor adorns the pieces of this collection. The artful gold décor offers a modern interpretation of the classic meander pattern, bringing a touch of modern luxury to any table.  Mouth blown crystal that has a perfect feel in the hand and allows for easy swirling. The tumbler shape emphasizes the different aromas and is sure to delight your guests.

Available in the range: 9.6oz & 13.4oz tumblers, 11.8oz & 15.8oz long drink and 16.8oz whisky carafe.

Bistro Line

Affordable luxury at your fingertips.

Perfect for minimalists who appreciate design and functionality. A wide bowl that sits on a short stem, offering a broad surface for the development of aromas and the flavour of elegant drinks. The formal refinement also has many advantages in daily handling.

Bistro Line is particularly space saving, sturdy and easy to clean, making the collection a practical companion for easy going enjoyment at bars, hotels and large events. Made of dishwasher safe break resistant Tritan crystal the range is a true, all-rounder with the potential to become a classic.

Available in the range: 11.8oz White Wine, 15.9oz Red Wine, 21.1oz Bordeaux and 9.4oz Sparkling.

Sensa & Simplify

4 Sensory Worlds – Five Shapes

Take the complexity out of modern wine enjoyment because in these ranges every glass shape fits exactly one aroma or wine style. There are five glass shapes which cover all relevant wines and sparkling wines.  Each glass has a particular characteristic in a typical aroma range, regardless of whether you are serving a red wine, white wine or a rose. Only the character, aroma, flavour and taste of a wine decides.


Thin walled, filigree series in a modern design. Made from the especially break resistant Tritan crystal glass.

Available in the range: 12.3oz Light & Fresh, 18.1oz Fruity & Delicate, 24oz Velvety & Sumptuous, 23.3oz Flavoursome & Spicy, 13.1oz Sparkling.


The same shape as Sensa but these glasses are mouth blown. Mouth blown crystal glassware are a sign of real connoisseur for many wine lovers around the world. They are particularly good at accentuating the finest aromas and textures.

Available in the range: 12.9oz Light & Fresh, 18.8oz Fruity & Delicate, 25oz Velvety & Sumptuous, 23.3oz Flavoursome & Spicy, 13.7oz Sparkling.

Every glass is a piece of pure craftsmanship, unique in its shape, delicate and elegant.

Air & Air Sense

Pure Scandinavian design meets glass perfection.

The Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kyleberg have come together with Zwiesel to develop an exclusive glass collection that is simply unparalleled. The exceptional concept is inspired by a function driven design.

The award-winning Air Sense series with its integrated glass decantation sphere from Zwiesel 1872, simply stunning!! And the aesthetically filigree Air collection from Schott Zwiesel are sensory and formal highlights.

Both versions combine a slightly curved shape with a virtually weightless looking glass form. This highlights the design concept behind both, in which the airiness is important in every respect.

The delicate form coupled with the crystal clear and elegant appearance of the glasses, also demonstrates the remarkable lifestyle and innovation expertise of the two collaboration partners.

Available in the Air range: 14.7oz Water, 15.1oz All Round Tumbler, 9oz Dessert Wine, 10.5oz Champagne Saucer, 10.9oz Champagne, 9.3oz Riesling, 14.2oz Chardonnay, 21.1oz Red Wine, 27.9oz Bordeaux, 26.4oz Burgundy.

Available in the Air Sense range: 13.5oz Water, 14.3oz All Round Tumbler, 7oz Dessert Wine, 10.4oz Champagne Saucer, 11.2oz Champagne, 10.7oz Riesling, 14.9oz Chardonnay, 21.3oz Red Wine, 28.5oz Bordeaux, 26.9oz Burgundy.

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