At the heart of its creative approach Revol has never ceased to innovate and push the evolution of its culinary and artistic concepts. Revolution 2 is born out of 5 years observation, experience and research, to develop a renewed version of our induction buffet concept. Revolution 2 has a more modern style donning new colours and new shapes, still with higher technical capacities.

Temperature Regulation

Revolution 2 was designed with a perfectly flat base allowing for the cocotte to maintain direct contact with the induction system or with cold and hot zones of your buffet. This design offers more reliability of use, whatever your induction system may be. Tested on major induction brands.

An innovative and high performing ceramic conceived for induction and Sterno products in order to maintain your buffets at the right temperature.


Light & stackable, twice as light as cast iron the Revolution 2 cocotte also has the advantages of not rusting. A set of accessories designed with the greatest care to help you build a complete buffet, a lid holder to conserve colour and volume, a spoon rest, a cold pack/serving tray set for keeping dishes cool, and double boiler and steaming inserts for your most delicate recipes - For more info on available accessories please speak to one of our sales team.


Healthy and non-porous, the technical ceramic is 100% food safe. It does not absorb fats, liquids or odours, thus preventing any bacterial growth, for perfect hygiene when heated, it does not release any toxic fumes and its enamel does not fade with use. An ultra-resistant material that is easy to clean.


A new handle is delicately engraved with the Revol logo, a guarantee of quality. It guarantees both a perfect grip and incomparable durability. More sophisticated this handle brings a touch of high end modernity. Revolution 2 sports a new Touareg Blue, a deep blue that is perfect for your evening cocktails, VIP or themed Galas. Tourareg Blue is unrivalled in elegance and goes well with all of the other colours in the range. The high and low lids-holders provide height whilst ensuring easy manipulation of the lids.

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