Degrenne develops shapes and materials, while paying careful attention to chefs’ practical usage and aesthetic requirements. Degrenne designs unique collections that are the very embodiment of excellence and can also be combined, in order to make dining a moment of culinary pleasure, from the simplest to the most elaborate pleasures. Each dish harmoniously finds its rightful place on the table, with simplicity and elegance, thanks to the combinations, contrasts, shapes, colours and materials employed by Degrenne.

Coming very soon!!  Here is just a sneak of some of the beautiful ranges available.

Modulo Nature – All Day Dining 

A modern take on authentic style. Its satin finish, style and natural colours create a pure 'Organic chic' ambiance. Ideal for everyday use, the Modulo range allows you to mix shapes, combine designs and colours and coordinate materials. A way to extend the possibilities of training, customizing your table and sublimate the presentation of dishes.

4 Colourways: Lave Stone, Blue, Caolin, Taupe & Red.

Bahia - All Day Dining NEW


The Bahia collection will bring a touch of nature to your table. It consists of dishes and decorative pieces. Games of contrast enamel and colors, it offers a multitude of combinations. Let yourself be carried away by your desires and mix the colors as you see fit.  Each color is full of promise. The Pink Sand, for a romantic table, the Dune, sober and elegant and the Green Clay will be appreciated for its soft and vegetal tones. 

Bahia parts are made of mass-dyed sandstone and have very high mechanical resistance and porosity properties. The hue in the mass gives more depth to the colors and offers the advantage over dark colours to limit scratches.

5 Colourways: Beige Dune, Brown Basalt, Green Clay, Pink Sand & Blue Stone.

Bilbao – All Day Dining NEW

Degrenne renews its collection of Bilbao glasses with more contemporary colors and a finer design. This collection, Scandinavian inspired, will bring elegance and originality to your meals every day, from the table to the terrace.

The tinted glass guarantees a perfect resistance to the dishwasher. The mouth blown production technique makes each glass unique. 

Available in 10oz Grey, Pink & Blue

Collection L and Collection L Fragment – Fine Dining

A combination of simplicity and elegance using the finest materials and sleek lines. Stunning white and milky iridescent Limoges porcelain is the epitome of excellence and purity.

Exceptionally whiteness thanks to the purity of the kaolin selected for its manufacture, the high porcelain parts of the Collection L Fragment are made in Limoges.  The plates of this collection show a clean line and their wide wing contrasted by a shallow basin creates a surprise. This refined model will seduce you with its matte relief on the wings, mineral-inspired, which creates a game of contrast with the brilliant bowl of plates. This matte finish is durable over time and resists the stains of all types of substances known for their coloring power (tomato sauce, mustard). Sober and elegant, the flat plates of the L Collection will sublimate the dishes and magnify all interiors, from classic to "indus" or contemporary.

Salam – Tea Time

Created in 1953, this iconic teapot from the Salam collection is sold in 45 countries around the world and is on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A timeless bell, a mix of materials and sets of finishes. A removable brewer to take all the subtlety of tea and avoid the bitterness due to too long infusion. An ingenious bell steel lined with a felt that keeps the heat.

Subtle pastel tones full of poetry. Enjoy an instant tea with the new shades of Rose Powder and Pearl Grey. Also available in White.

Available sizes 3oz, 8oz, 14oz and 12oz mug.


For more details on Degrenne products please speak to a member of the sales team 020 8391 5555.

Samples available to view in our showroom very soon!.