Check out this latest bit of kit from De Buyer. Replacing their Ultra mandolin, the new improved model 'Revolution' is born.

With their 100% stainless steel frames, Revolution mandolins are sturdy and undeformable. The ramp, which is also stainless steel, is textured and therefore minimises contact with food, which slides off better. Revolution mandolins have an integrated cube-cutting mechanism and removable straight and julienne blades, ideal for fruit and vegetables, for various uses, letting your imagination lead you.


A new double-sided blade: one serrated side to create waffle cuts and another micro-serrated side for cutting fruits and vegetables even the softest ones.

Key Features:

* Variety of cuts: cubes, diamonds, julienne and waffle cuts, plain or crinkle cut.

* Stainless steel frame = robust & durable.

* Easy to use.

* Complete safety thanks to the pusher and the anti-slip silicone legs.

* Compact storage due to folding system.

* Good for right-handed as well as left-handed people.

Standard version comes complete with 3 embedded julienne blades: 2, 4 and 10mm.

To find out more watch the video.

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