Gun Metal Black Collection

Elsewhere, there's a new kid on the bar-block ready to cause a stir in the cocktail world (pun intended) which gives a whole new meaning to cool; it goes by the name Gun Metal Black. Sure, copper is trendy and provides a level of sophistication and style well suited to bars of a certain nature but Gun Metal is essentially it's naughty little brother - the cooler more casual of the two.

Quality, well-made cocktails are increasingly available across more demographics than ever before, no more so than the young, cool, dare we say 'Hipster' collective. These 'Hipster' bars, emblazoned with vintage posters and quirky features, are popping up all over the country producing fantasically unique cocktails in a very cool, casual manner. 

The Gun Metal Black collection offers the perfect solution to the non-conformist bartender plying their trade in these alternative venues.

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