La Cafetiére Barcelona Teapots 

These stylish Barcelona teapots are from the coffee connoisseurs La Cafetière. A fantastic little design, Barcelona is a ceramic teapot available in two sizes. Crafted for contemporary tastes, Barcelona is perfect for every kind of tea lover with it's handy removable filter: this makes it suitable for both tea bags and loose leaf tea, from traditional English tea to fruity and herbal teas. A retro blue stoneware body with stainless steel lid, this trendy model is also available in pistachio, red and cool grey.

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 La Cafetiére Cups & Saucers, & Latte Mugs

An essential collection for coffee lovers, these cups and saucers are perfect for those who want to bring the sophistication of café culture into their establishment. Crafted in stoneware, the cups & mugs are available in a gorgeous pistachio, retro blue, taupe, red, cream & cool grey with a saucer that is styled to match (with exception of the latte mug).

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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