Equinoxe - Brand new from Revol.

These stunning porcelain pieces are available in 3 subtle colourways. Cirrus Blue, Pepper White & Cast Iron Style.

Inspired by the extraordinary forces of the planets, the moon and the seasons, Equinoxe reflects a deep research in colors, textures and subtle lights.

"The sun and the moon play with the earth, their extraordinary forces of attraction provoking tides and bringing about the seasons. This moment marks the passage from winter to spring or summer to autumn, and announces new harvests that awaken the creativity of chefs on the lookout for new ingredients, Colour is here, harmonious, soft, always subtle. It guides the hand of the chef in search of perfect harmony."

The bold texture of the black gives structure and emphasis.

To view the complete Equinoxe Cast Iron Style range click here.

The black clay is revealed in a line that elevates the colours.

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The blue and the white unite to form a silky and subtle veil.

To view the complete Equinoxe Cirrus Blue range click here.

These products have been crafted in Revol's factory in the South-East of France and finished by hand with passion and valuable know-how makers. 

For more information or to request a sample please speak to one of our sales team - 020 83915555.

This range is also available to view in our showroom.