Our Eco Friendly Approach

Biodegradable & compostable materials are now at the forefront of innovation. Together with trusted suppliers we have put together just some of our products using various biodegradable & compostable materials made from sustainable sources .........

Compostable Biodegradable  Recyclable

What are the differences between biodegradable & compostable?

The main difference is the latter breaks down into "humus", which provides valuable nutrients to the soil..... Finally, compostable items must completely break down and not release any metals or toxins into the compost.

The Beauty of Napkins

Combine creativity and care for the environment with a selection of compostable napkins.  We offer a selection of vibrant designs, as well as natural-coloured options. Some napkins can be personalised by adding your company logo for example. Please speak to one of the sales team for more information.

Dunisoft Cocktail Napkins

16.059.3329 20cm White £110.04

16.059.3356 20cm Black £129.44

Case Qty: 2880

Dunisoft Napkins

16.059.3330 White

16.059.3331 Cream

16.059.3342 Mint Blue

16.059.3343 Fuschia Pink

16.059.3332 Red

16.059.3344 Bordeaux

16.059.3333 Dark Blue

16.059.3334 Dark Green

16.059.3341 Kiwi

16.059.3340 Granite

 16.059.3346 Black

40cm White £64.66 All Colours £90.52

Case Qty: 720

Dunilin Napkins  

16.059.0401 White

16.059.0402 Cream

16.059.0405 Fuschia

16.059.0406 Soft Violet

16.059.0414 Red

16.059.0413 Bordeaux

16.059.0407 Plum

16.059.0424 Orange

16.059.0404 Yellow

16.059.0408 Mint Blue

16.059.0412 Dark Blue

16.059.0415 Dark Green

16.059.0419 Kiwi

16.059.0409 Greige

16.059.0411 Cafe

16.059.0423 Granite Grey

16.059.0422 Black

40cm White £86.21 Colours £96.99 Black £101.84

Case Qty: 600

Duni Ecoecho Napkins NEW

Made from 100% recyclable tissue. The napkin is not bleached and no dyes have been added. The colour is truly natural!

16.059.3500 85mm Coaster 8ply tissue £59.03 Case Qty: 2000

16.059.3501 20cm Dunisoft cocktail napkin £123.27 Case Qty: 2880

16.059.3502 24cm Cocktail napkin 2ply tissue £39.73 Case Qty: 2400

16.059.3503 40cm Dunisoft napkin 3ply tissue £38.08 Case Qty: 1000

16.059.3504 40cm Dunisoft napkin £90.52 Case Qty :720

16.059.3505 40cm Dinner napkin 3ply tissue 8-fold £44.06 Case Qty: 1000

Tork Natural Napkins NEW

16.077.0001 33x32.5cm Lunch napkin £30.00 Case Qty: 2000

16.077.0002 33x32.5cm Lunch napkin book fold £32.00 Case Qty: 2000

16.077.0003 39cm Dinner napkin £40.00 Case Qty: 1800

Biodegradable & Compostable Straws

Most straws are made from plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene, which unless recycled take hundreds of years to decompose, many of which end up in our oceans harming our marine wildlife such as turtles and fish.

The online campaign #refusethestraw has become the talking topic for many and more recently so with an International Straw Free Day – is it time to refuse the straw or can we offer eco-friendly versions? We at Jacksons certainly can.

Paper Staws

11.304.0006  Black 

11.304.0005 White 

11.304.0001 Red/White

11.304.0003  Green/White

11.304.0004 Blue/White

11.304.0002 Black/White

11.304.0007 Gold

11.304.0008 Silver 

11.304.0009 Copper

20cm Black & White £6.00 Stripy All Colours £6.00 Metallics £8.00

Case Qty: 250

Compostable PLA Straws NEW

Made from 100% renewable resources. Biodegradable and compostable solution for your drinks service. Kinder to the environment when composted correctly.

11.228.0211 14cm Natural £6.10 Case Qty: 1000

11.228.0212 14cm Black £6.10 Case Qty: 1000 

11.228.0200 20cm Natural £4.30 Case Qty: 500

Compostable White Hot Drinks Cups & Lids NEW

Made for the coffee-to-go market with a single PLA coating. Cups can be custom printed please ask one of the sales team for more information.

16.056.0380 4oz Cup £29.07 Case Qty: 1000

16.056.0381 8oz Cup £48.21 Case Qty: 1000

16.056.0384 Lid for 8oz Cup £38.22 Case Qty: 1000

16.056.0382 12oz Cup £63.78 Case Qty: 1000

16.056.0383 16oz Cup £72.78 Case Qty: 1000

16.056.0385 Lid for 12-16oz Cup £45.70 Case Qty: 1000

Moulded Pulp Fibre Cup Carrier

16.056.0345 2 Cup £19.08 Case Qty: 360

16.056.0337 4 Cup £17.25 Case Qty: 180

Kraft Coffee Sleeves

Extra insulation to protect fingers and hands from hot paper cups. Can be personalised with your company logo please ask one of the sales team for more information.

16.056.0364 Small fits 8oz cups £35.36 Case Qty: 2000

16.056.0328 Large fits 10-16oz cups £37.03 Case Qty: 2000

Birchwood Wooden Coffee Stirrers

16.228.0117 14cm £4.01 Case Qty: 1000

16.228.0118 19cm £4.75 Case Qty: 1000


Also available: Food packaging, tableware, cutlery, tongs & skewers. For more details please speak to one of the sales team.