Cam Goboxes Insulated Carriers

Lightweight-made off EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)  - an eco-friendly, high performance foam material.

Thermal insulation, holds hot or cold food safely for many hours. 

Great structural strength - capable of hanging significant loads while maintaining it's shape and form.

Excellent energy absorption  - can withstand substanial impact without damage.

Chemically Inert - unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals.

Designed to hold 1/1 pans along with Camwarmers or Camchillers.

Dishwasher safe.

Built in label area keeps plastic menu tags in place for easy content identification or routing.

Cam Goboxes inter-stack and also stack with major competitive brands.

CFC free. 

100% recyclable.

Nesting - Unique design allows interstacking, saving 30% on storage space.

Drip-Resistant - Built in condensation barrier helps front loaders to remain drip-resistant. 

Easy Identification - A built in label area keeps plastic menu tags in place. 

Easy Loading & Unloading - Interior walls recess making loading and unloading pans easy. 

Full 270° Access - Durable hinges and latches allow door to remain securely open at the side for easy access. 

Accessories - Various accessories to assist holding times.


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