Bio-Degradable Refuse Sacks - Coming Soon! Available to Pre-Order

Made with both photodegradable and thermodegradable material , Using an environmentally friendly additive, the material will begin to degrade on exposure to sunlight and in temperatures of 70 degrees centigrade.

Polythene under normal conditions will react to heat and light and after a period of exposure will become brittle and degrade. Additives are added to extend the life of the polythene products including light and thermal stabilisers. By inserting the additive at the point of extrusion, the polythene is allowed to degrade naturally while still maintaining its strength and flexibility.

In its unoxidised state, Polythene is not capable of being assimilated by soil micro-organisms. However, by adding the additive it accelerates the auto-oxidation of polythene under the influence of heat and light, this process has been proven over a number of years in the agricultural mulch film sector. These bags are for land fill only and cannot be used for composting.

 19.455.0214 18x29x39cm Box of 200 £16.83