Simply Beautiful ......... Always on the look out for new and innovative products, our Sales Director stumbled across this company at one of the most recent trade shows. Displaying a whole selection of beautiful products, it was the handblown glassware that caught her eye. Award winning and made from recycled glass you can’t help but simply love these products.

The stunning colours you can pick from have been derived from a wonderful old colour system created in the 1930’s to match products across the British Empire. (for full details of available colours please speak to one of the sales team).

We just love the tealights, tumblers, jugs & carafes and their beautiful array of colour choices.

With each piece carefully hand-blown, no two pieces are identical simply adding to the rustic charm of this product.

6cm T Lights £18.00 set of 6, 12oz Tumblers £28.80 set of 6, 0.25ltr Carafe £9.60 each, 0.5ltr Carafe £14.00 each, 1ltr Carafe £20.00 each, 1.5ltr Jug £24.00 each.

Please speak to one of the sale team for more information on these beautiful products 020 8391 5555